Ece Holding became the only authorized dealer of Ideal Standard International

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Ece Banyo as being the fastest growing company in vitrified industry, has been appointed as the Turkey exclusive distributor for all the brands of the world's leading company; Ideal Standard International Within the frame of the agreement done between Ece Banyo and Ideal Standard International, the selling rights of the brands, Ideal Standard and Jado, has solely been granted to Ece Banyo. In accordance to this, Ece Banyo will be responsible of importing, distributing and marketing of the brands Ideal Standard and Jado.

John Rietveldt, the CEO of Ideal Standard International, stated that they have been cooperating with Ece Banyo for two years and that the success of Ece Banyo in marketing and selling Ideal Standard products has provided the basis of this agreement.

Underlining that Ece Banyo is well known in Turkey as a vitrified products manufacturer and distributor, Rietveldt carried on saying: "Ece Banyo has a high grade product range with their innovative designs. We are pleased for making this agreement since because of Ece Banyo completes our work excellently with their strong distribution network, experienced marketing team and products. Our confidence that Ece Banyo is the right partner for the success of our brands in Turkey is endless."

John Rietveldt, stated that the Turkey market is of critical importance for Ideal Standard International. Explaining that the agreement between the two companies is the indication of Ideal Standard International's desire to be permanent in the market of Turkey, Rietveldt continued with saying: "In the forthcoming period, we will be more active in countries that have a high growth potential such as Turkey. Our goal is to strengthen our brands with a sustainable growth in these markets."

The Chairman of Ece Banyo, Erdem Cenesiz expressed the pleasure of being the solely authorized seller of Ideal Standard products in Turkey, as from the year 2006. "We have strengthened our cooperation with the world's most known brands through the agreement done with Ideal Standard International. We will be addressing a wider target group in Turkey market with Ideal Standard and Jado Brands" said Erdem Cenesiz. He also stated that, being established 15 years ago, the most innovative company of its industry, Ece Banyo has once more set forth its strength and desire to grow with the agreement done with Ideal Standard International. Cenesiz, stating that the product portfolios of Ece Banyo and Ideal Standard completes each other on both basis of segment and design, expressed that they will be addressing a much wider target group in the market with the synergy created. By emphasizing that Ideal Standard and Jado products are being used in world's most prestigious structures, said "We will be submitting Ideal Standard and Jado products to prestigious projects in Turkey, with competitively and with high service quality. 2009 will be the year of Ece Banyo and Ideal Standard in Turkey".