With the Less Consuming New Generation Closets, Save Our Water!

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Ece Banyo, not only pursues innovations but also achieves to become a creater of them, provides water disposal by less consuming new generation closets!

Especially when we consider the global warming and its consequtive effect of water shortage, seriously felt at the present day, the significance of water consumption is once more realized.

The less consuming closets by Ece Banyo have been developed as a result of the intense studies of the department of R&D. When compared with the standard closets that consume approximately 6-9 litres of water, these new closets consume only 3,5 litres of water for absolute cleanup. Moreover, in case of utilizing the closets with the double-tier flush box, only 2 litres of water is consumed for half function. That is, approximately 49.000 litres* of water disposal is provided for a family of 4 per year. This number will be much more, when business establishments, shopping malls, sports centers and such other social areas are considered.

The functionality tests of Ece Banyo have been approved in the laboratories of Turkish Standards Institution.

Ece Banyo feels the pride of the environment-friendly attitude it presents, as well as the happiness of breaking such a new ground.