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Foundations of ECE group were laid by ÇENESİZ family in 1965 with foundation of Çenesizler Koll. Şti. This Çorum-origin entrepreneur family continued their production ventures in brick and tile areas with brick and tile factories established in several places of the country. In 1986, the structure continued as Çenesizler Koll. Şti thus far was divided in two and Ece Group started to form centered in Çorum. Today Ece group is an industrial group which deals with manufacturing in 7 production centers in two countries on a total of 345.000 m2 open area and 87.000 m2 enclosed area, employing 900 persons.Leading company of the group, ECE BANYO Gereçleri San. Tic. A.Ş, was founded in 1982 in Çorum Industrial park and started manufacturing vitrified ceramics. Our company which has been growing since the date of its creation became today which is one of the largest production facilities of Turkey, reaching 1.500.000 pieces of annual production.

Main area of activity of ECE Banyo Gereçleri A.Ş, another company within the group, is production of bathroom cabinets and glass lavatories.

Genesis Dış Ticaret A.Ş, is another company of the group which is excelled in export activities. Genesis Dış Ticaret A.Ş, is one of the 21 companies which is awarded "SFTC Sectoral Foreign Trade company" status by Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.

ECK Ece Kiremit ve Yapı Kimyasalları A.Ş, the first founded company, established in 1986 during transformation from Çenesizler Koll. Şti to Ece Group, continues to produce brick and construction chemicals production.Gözde Toprak Sanayi A.Ş manufactures bricks of all kinds and types.

ECE group is also active in construction area. Up to date, it has completed construction of more than 750 residences and workplaces.Today, goods and services manufactured by ECE group companies are exported to and met with appreciation in more than 40 countries.While dealing with these activities, ECE group did not ignore the human-focused management understanding, environmental protection and introduction of its city which is considered a world heritage and always became active in these areas.

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ECE Group is an establishment which was founded by family solidarity in times where resources were scarce in the industry. From the Çenesiz family, two industrial groups sprouted: the ECE Group and the ÇENESİZ group. Although these two groups conduct their business separately, in fact these two groups are fraternal groups. I would like to take the opportunity to remind you about all the reasons behind why the ECE group has succeeded today. Until now, ECE Group has valued honesty in all business interactions and it always will. ECE Group has perceived its employees as family and it always will. ECE Group has averted from wastefulness and it always will. ECE Group has always never ignored its city and country of origin, and it never will. I would like to wish success to all our managers and employees that cherish these values in heart.


Honoraray President

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Dear Associates,

Dear Customers,

Dear Partners,

In addition to being greatly successful in our business, we, as ECE Group are a leading company in a certain task. This task is performing all the requirements of economy and management sciences and becoming a world-wide operating business, although originating from an average city in Anatolia.

Therefore when we keep our spirits high and generate future goals, we should keep in mind that we are not doing this only for ourselves but also for many future entrepreneurs that will follow our lead. We need to be working ceaselessly and do not get carried away by the lethargy followed by success.We should keep ourselves motivated to achieve further goals.

Business life resembles life in general; it is filled with emotions. We will see many happy and sad days together. We will overcome each problem with the strength of team work and we will establish an example for Anatolian companies. We should consider efficiency as first step in success. We should remember that our success depends on team spirit. We should also make sure that austerity awareness should expend to the capillaries of our business.

I would like to pay my respects to all of you knowing that the future holds great projects and success.